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picspams for anything and everything.

For all things Picspams.
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picspams for anything and everything.

Hello and welcome to picspam_love. This community was created because I wanted there to be a place where people can come and place their picspams, no matter what the subject matter might be. So feel free to join and start posting your picspams. All I ask is that you read the rules and follow them! Enjoy!

one. When posting your picspam please be sure to include a title. It is easier to manage that way and easier to tag.

two. Please, please, please tag your entries. I want to keep this community nice and neat, and without tags that isn't possible. Members can create tags so there should be no reason why you don't tag your entries!

three. Teaser graphics are allowed and encourage, just make sure they aren't too big. What's too big? Well if it is bigger than the layout, then it is too big. If you post and the teaser is too big then I am going to delete your entry.

four. All picspams should be behind a cut, or linked to your journal.

five. If you are linking to your journal then the post has to remain open (none of the "this post is public for 48 hour" stuff).

six. If your picspam has spoilers then please let that be known!

seven. If your picspam has an adult content then that too needs to be known.

eight. Don't claim somebody elses picspam as your own, and don't use somebody elses graphics for you picspam.

nine. Have fun, and be nice! Also, comment on people's picspams. It takes a lot of time to make these things!

If you need to contact me about anything either send me a PM or you can email me @ red_cords@yahoo.com.

If you would like to become affiliates then please reply to this post!

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